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Pelican Nebula photo courtesy of Roberto Colombari

Portraits by Mina Habibi Portrait Artist


Come alive. Live your dream.

You may feel constrained - even trapped - by expectations.


Yours. Your family's. Your parents'. Society's most of all. Even expectations set by your life path to this point.

Expectations to excel. To be smarter than you feel, as smart as people seem to think you are. To be worthy of the people you lead, worthy of the people you follow. To strive for the next promotion or the career goals that people with your background and experience are supposed to want.


The expectations you've come to accept as normal mask your power to choose your own definition of success.


You may long to create a different lifestyle, take a different path. Or to step fully into your present path. Or simply to live with greater purpose and intention.


Wherever you are, you're ready to reclaim your power.

If you're usually on overdrive, thinking incessantly and being in your head... if you struggle to connect with your heart, body, and soul... take a deep breath and pause for just a moment.

Breathe. Center. Ground. 


The present moment offers all the space and time you need to create what you desire.

In a world that bombards us with messages of fear, urgency, and inadequacy, it can be difficult to remember the Truth of our power, to follow the call of our souls instead of our "should"s.

The Truth I know about you:

You are smarter, more creative, and more all around awesome than you can imagine.

You are worthy of respect, admiration, and love.

You are powerful beyond measure, and you have the gift of yourself to offer the world.

Start creating space and time in your life today - request your guide below!
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