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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure....We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?"
~ Marianne Williamson

What Clients Are Saying...

Melissa is fantastic! I can sincerely say that she helped me "become alive" by helping me become the actor of my life. Thank you!

Five years ago, I had cognitive therapy sessions to manage my stress. They certainly helped but I was missing something to move forward. I am a student, and had hard times with oral presentations, panic attacks, high mood swings, and feeling never enough. Basically, I thought I couldn’t "fit” anywhere. There was no space for me. I was missing something, but I didn’t know what (which was super frustrating). I was at the mercy of my emotions and stress. I spent a lot of time ruminating, feeding the wheel of negativity.

Until, all the way in France, I read an article by a person that had a dream of becoming an astronaut and did all she could to achieve it. I found this article genuine, full of life, and very inspiring. Little did I know that the brilliant author behind the article was an amazing person that was also coaching with talent (my luck!). As I had seen amazing changes in close relatives (thanks to coaching), I allowed myself to take the journey. Spending time and investing in myself felt a bit uncomfortable, at the beginning. It didn’t last!

From the first session, Melissa created a safe space and made me feel at ease instantaneously! Her intuition is incredible. She knows how to conduct the session with questions that positively “reboot” my perspectives on life and make me see opportunities. Every session I learn something so powerful and somehow magical. Melissa gives a lot, of energy, cheering and patience. Her encouragement, enthusiasm and faith are contagious. She shares smart tools that I will use for a long looong time. Each coaching brings something different. We have focused on personal obstacles, analyzed them and found out solutions together. Lately, I have learnt how I position myself in regard to stressful situations and how I could switch positions (with the help of the ELI assessment). It’s a process that I enjoy so much. Melissa has high expertise, is open-minded, and very creative, which I believe are essentials to coaching practice.

Since we’ve started, I am able to be present to the moment, enjoy everyday life at its fullest, and mood swings have stabilized. I'm able to think with new fresh perspectives about personal or professional issues. It has unlocked my capacity to persevere and pursue my ambitions. Life is much lighter, spontaneous and powerful. 

Thanks to Melissa, I have taken actions I wouldn’t have imagined to take in the past. I highly encourage working with Melissa!

~ A.B., Barcelona, Spain 


Working with Melissa is the most powerful thing I could be doing with my time. After every conversation with her, I'm inspired. I've had breakthrough after breakthrough, and we keep going! Since we started working together I’ve moved to a new city, started a new job that’s in line with my values and gifts, and continued to navigate the path of change with her support. 

Melissa’s deep understanding of the tools she uses helps me to understand myself and where I am on my heroine’s journey, and to align with my nature and my true self. I'm learning how to strengthen my non-dominant qualities and leverage the gifts of my strongest qualities, and I'm also giving myself a lot of grace. Awareness is the first step. Going this deep can be scary - it takes courage of the soul to do this work, but I trust Melissa, and her steady presence encourages that courage and helps me remember who I am.

Melissa's insightful questions and reflections have helped me pinpoint the source and identity of my "smallness" gremlin, and also to see where I go when I'm "in the grip" of stress and overwhelm. This awareness has helped me pause in several situations where I was reacting in old ways; I recognized the old pattern and chose instead to honor my own values and act according to my truth. It has made a HUGE difference in my self-esteem, strength, and ability to engage with life. After years of hiding, I finally feel ready to go forward as the adult version of me doing my work in the world. I'm excited to see where the next stage of our work together takes me. Thanks for your easy style and bold support, Melissa!

~ A.M., Los Angeles, California


I connected with Melissa during our coach training. We kept in touch and when I was going through challenging times, I reached out to her for coaching. Melissa is very compassionate, caring, intuitive, and inspiring. During our sessions, I know that I am heard - really heard. She picks up on things that I only think about but can't articulate. Her insights are so on point! I always feel confident that together we'll find a solution to any problem I face. It's a huge relief to me that I have a person in my life who can create this space for me to vent, brainstorm, set goals, and achieve them.


With Melissa's support, gentle guidance, and observations, I was able to work through some major blocks and fears in my life. I found that her belief in me was paramount in my breakthroughs. She so truly, deeply believes in my ability to succeed that I don't have any other option than to start believing in myself! :) She is so inspiring and provides long-lasting motivation to work on my goals. I would definitely recommend Melissa to anyone who is ready to finally face what's stopping them in order to take their lives to the next level. 


~ I.G., Washington, D.C.


When I first met Melissa I struggled with the direction of my career, where I was devoting my daily energy, an ill-defined value system, intimate relationships, and lack of self-confidence. Through working with Melissa I developed a personal mantra on light and self-confidence that has greatly helped me on a day-to-day basis. It was also eye-opening for me to assess my values and become conscious of how I am actively living them out each day. I've learned that it's easy to talk about who I want to be and what my values are, but the real work is actually walking the talk. Values don't mean much unless they come alive in daily life.


I really appreciated how Melissa tailored each session to what I was working through that day/week/month. Also, I greatly benefited from the homework assignments. They allowed me time to reflect and put into action what we discussed each session.


Melissa is approachable, easy to talk with, and genuinely cares about her clients. She is a great listener and can gently guide her clients into unlocking their full potential and assessing their strengths while addressing what is holding them back in life. She isn't afraid to "dig deep" and help them reach their fullest potential. 


I can honestly say I am a better person and a more self-aware human being today thanks to Melissa and her excellent coaching. I am most grateful for her wisdom, generous spirit, and guidance. Without hesitation I highly recommend Melissa as a life coach!

 ~ R.M., Anchorage, Alaska


When I first started working with Melissa, I was at a transitional point in my life and feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, and unsure as to how to move forward in a positive direction. I had thought a lot about my situation but hadn't managed to move beyond thought to a plan of action.

In speaking with Melissa about both small and large things going on in my life, I became more aware of which struggles were truly at the forefront and which I wanted to address first. It was cathartic to get all of that out and organized, and Melissa is such an encouraging sounding board that I looked forward to each of our sessions. She listened and guided me as I worked out a plan, inspiring me to use what I knew about myself to create goals that I knew I would commit to. I really felt like I had an enthusiastic "coach" cheering me on as I discovered I could do it.

One of the most unexpected aspects of this process was how Melissa taught me to actually stop and acknowledge the successes in my life. I realized I had never really allowed myself to be proud when I did anything well, and this led me to view most accomplishments (even basic daily ones) as only "a time I didn't fail." With Melissa's expert help, this weight was lifted and I could more clearly see myself. In celebrating these daily successes and taking compliments at face value, I truly began to feel happier and more successful. This especially aided me at work, where I am often so focused on long-term goals that I forget or don't see the buildup of successes along the way.

By the end of our sessions, I felt like Melissa and I had traveled a great distance together, and it was so encouraging to have someone to share new experiences with and discuss how my successes grew out of previous struggles. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to build more confidence and fulfillment in life. I know that I will continue to grow happier in my life as I follow the lessons I learned from Melissa.

~ M.T., Dallas, Texas


My coaching experience with Melissa was enlightening. Her questions, tools (like the Energy Leadership assessment), and insights helped me see new ways of looking at the world and how I react. Through this experience I sharpened skills I already have, learned new skills, and started on a path to being a better communicator and time manager, and to being more mindful. It isn't easy, but by focusing on and practicing a few items at a time, I am creating new and better habits and becoming a more well-rounded and balanced human! I found the coaching experience with Melissa eye-opening and rewarding and would highly recommend her coaching to anyone.

~ D.W., Leesburg, Virginia